When coming on board, we need to know certain questions in order to narrow down our search, all of which are totally confidential with the client;

  • What level of experience do you want your candidate to have?
  • What industries would you like them to have experience in?
  • What type of character are you looking for?
  • What salary package would you like to offer for the role?

When it comes to finding our perfect candidates, we look for several factors;

Previous experience: Have they worked within a similar role? How long have they worked within this industry for?  What were their average monthly billings, both new business and bank business?

Achievements: What is their biggest achievement within a similar role?  What were their biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?

Their interests: Do they enjoy the industry? What attracts them to this type of work? Do they see it as a long term career?

Key aspects: How involved were they in business development, resourcing, qualification and closing?

Telephone manner: Do they have a clear tonality? Are they confident and professional?

Knowledge: Do they know about the industry? How much do they know? Would they be able to jump straight into the job?



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