Using the Flying Frog method we save clients the time and cost of plugging through hundreds of applications, most of which are totally unsuitable.

Our technique means we get the right people from the outset, the candidates with the right attitude; those that clients would be unlikely to find otherwise. Of the hundreds that apply, many fall at the first fence. Others are rejected at the telephone interview stage.

We are committed to providing you with a recruitment service that is bespoke, focused and hassle-free.

Starting with a full consultation we get to know your business inside out. This includes your present and future needs, as well as the type of person needed to fit in with your culture.

We then conduct private and group interviews dependent on your needs before any candidates are even sent to the client for interview. Only candidates who meet the desired criteria will be presented to you and taken further in the recruitment and selection process.

We will provide you with a complete package of services to meet your needs, including high levels of expertise, a single point of contact and value for money. Your designated consultant will handle a maximum of 3 clients at any one time, ensuring high quality and exemplary customer service is always maintained.



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